Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oakland Police Brutality Ends!

... and I have a bright orange single suspension bridge I can sell you cheap.

Now that I have your attention ... whether you are a parent or not, if you think it is okay for police to go around killing teenage children with impunity, perhaps you should listen to Jeralynn Blueford speak about the cold-blooded murder of her son Alan Blueford:
addressing the Oakland City Council
speaking in Chicago about her son

Better yet, go see her in person

There are numerous and continuing rallies and events attempting to bring to justice the criminal who cold-bloodedly shot Alan (first while he was running away, the second and third time while he was lying on his back), then shot himself in the foot in order to claim self-defense. You can find about future events at

The event at Sunnyside Park in West Oakland (above) was supported by Occupy Oakland. I had initially thought I would just drive down, drop off the food and return, but ended up staying to serve food and then to listen to the speakers and talk to attendees there, many of whom were family, friends or neighbours, and many of whom came to the event for various places around the Bay Area.

There were many friends there I hadn't seen in months, and it was heartening to see their continuing involvement with Occupy Oakland, and Occupy Oakland's successful outreach to communities in Oakland.

Vangibhath with sesame seeds (no vangi, just mixed veggies)

Leila, the kitchen coordinator for Occupy Oakland

The food service

Food service during a lull

Donated food, which will be used either in the community or prepared and served at the next assembly or community event.

One of the BBQ cooks

"Fuck Masso!", refers to Miguel Masso, the OPD officer (I wonder how many times he has been referred to as "brave"?) who murdered Blueford

The cooks taking a break.

A pastor speaking out.

Jesse, Isabella and Dana - I was thrilled to see that other parents had brought their children to this community event.