Monday, February 8, 2010

Gratuitous sexism alive and well amongst MDs in 21st century

Tara Parker Pope's blog on health on the NYT, 8 feb 2010, on the retraction of Lancet article linking MMR vaccine and autism:
Comment #3 : In psychiatry long enough to have seen diagnostic fads come and go. Strongly suspect there’s a large subset of children diagnosed as autistic who merely suffer from a lack of maternal attention from busy working mothers and too much day care.
— MARK KLEIN, M.D. My response: In response to #3 Mark Klein’ s time-travelling email from the 1950’s:
“lack of maternal attention from busy working mothers”!
Lets try and rephrase that for the 21st century: “lack of parental attention from busy working parents”.
So how come so many of the kids diagnosed with autism seem to be children of white suburban full-time moms?
Anything else you want to blame it on: Rising illegal immigration; Increasing number of ignorant M.D.s?
— Ranjeet Tate