Monday, February 8, 2010

Gratuitous sexism alive and well amongst MDs in 21st century

Tara Parker Pope's blog on health on the NYT, 8 feb 2010, on the retraction of Lancet article linking MMR vaccine and autism:
Comment #3 : In psychiatry long enough to have seen diagnostic fads come and go. Strongly suspect there’s a large subset of children diagnosed as autistic who merely suffer from a lack of maternal attention from busy working mothers and too much day care.
— MARK KLEIN, M.D. My response: In response to #3 Mark Klein’ s time-travelling email from the 1950’s:
“lack of maternal attention from busy working mothers”!
Lets try and rephrase that for the 21st century: “lack of parental attention from busy working parents”.
So how come so many of the kids diagnosed with autism seem to be children of white suburban full-time moms?
Anything else you want to blame it on: Rising illegal immigration; Increasing number of ignorant M.D.s?
— Ranjeet Tate

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Chris Schaeffer said...

Any part of the vaccine debate makes people write crazy sh*t like almost nothing else. As for blame, mothers always get it. Nature or nurture, they're screwed when it comes to their children.

Our whole cultural approach to individuals is to separate them into their individual boxes more and more strongly. The contributions of the family, the community, the neighborhood, etc. are often undervalued.