Friday, October 21, 2011

My Friday Night Love Life

A couple of months ago, not long after my separation, the girls' after-school had a talent show on an evening that M and E were with me. There was a very attractive European woman there, who liked the gazpacho I'd made and told me so. She didn't give off any “mommy” vibes, and it turned out that she was a very close family friend of one of M's Latina classmates. I chatted to the parents in Spanish, and to the friend, D. To cut a long story short, she and I have been on a few “dry-dates” since then - good ones, long ones, lots of talking ones, but ones that left me in blue-balled pain like I haven't experienced since, well, in a while.

Yesterday I'd called D to see if she was free tonight, but she said she was going to a party with her friends. What a great day for me to do my laundry and iron my underwear!

The after-school had a Diwali function this evening, and though they were with their mom, M and E both had expressly wanted me to come. So after work I went to the laundromat, started a couple of mega-loads in the washers and made it to the Diwali function in time. M had organized some of the younger kids into some kind of group play, E was very excited because she had mehndi on her hands, hence couldn't play and was facing the model vs. athlete dilemma for the first time. M had already come down in favor of "athlete".  Their mother was sitting with a group of Indian fellow-moms from the Cupertino colony. She was easily the most elegantly and appropriately dressed for Diwali, except for the after-school director, who is of Indian origin.

After a while I realised that M's Latina classmate had turned up and out of the corner of my eye I saw D. She is a striking woman, in fact it was the first thing about her that had struck me when I'd struck sight of her for the first time, and it had been a stroke of luck that she was also recently separated. It is another matter altogether that I had struck out.

I played it cool, approached her and mentioned what a pleasant surprise it was to see her there. She said, “But I told you I was going to be here with my friends!”. Huh? Am I already not processing what she is saying to me? Anyway, I sat and chatted with them for a while, then borrowed $5 in cash from M and E's mom for the dryers, and left for the laundromat - intending never to return. As I left I noticed that M and E's mom had met Maya's friend's Latina mom and D and they were all chatting quite pleasantly.

On the way to the laundromat, I first stopped at home, shaved and changed out of my grungy work clothes and into decent ones, and then went to the supermarket. As I paid and headed to my car, myself all spiffed up in a nice shirt and with a bunch of flowers in my hand for the woman I'd met in the laundromat an hour earlier and who I'd given my cell number to so we could go get a drink later, well, who should I run into but the Latina mom, my ex, my nex and all the kids!

The woman from the laundromat never called.

Anybody in the market for a bunch of second hand flowers?

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