Friday, April 20, 2012


This appeal for donations is in the spirit of "Disaster Tourism" and "Macabre World Event Mementos". Lots of people paid a lot of money for bricks from the Berlin Wall, and there were probably hundreds of thousands of them. The following item is UniQuE!

I have in my possession the (yes THE) cinder brick that was thrown at the police by that idiot on the roof of the OccupySFCommune Building at 870 Turk St. As you know from my previous post, the brick smashed an Occupy supporter's nose.

Lying on the sidewalk where it landed.

Close-up with victim's blood, still fresh, but beginning to coagulate.
I picked up the brick at precisely 40 minutes to 5 o'clock.

Please donate, the highest contributor will win the brick.
Occupy Oakland

You can also donate to any other activist social justice cause of your choice. You can just e-mail me or leave a comment with the amount you've donated and the organization name. You can also donate to the victim's medical bills, since ObamaCare has apparently failed to cover all residents of the US.

I will then mail the brick to you. Currently it is in my freezer in pristine, bloody condition. I'll be happy to clean it off and restore it to its pre-geodesic-deviation state before mailing it to you. As proof of authenticity, I'll e-mail copies of the above photos (high-resolution, suitable for 8X10 and framing).

The request for donations is serious, but please note that the post should have been backdated to 20th April.

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