Monday, January 12, 2015

Maya Tate : American Dream

American Dream

A throaty scream, angry shouts,
a massive army to silence the crowds.
A beautiful country,
torn in two.
Beautiful girls,
prevented from school.
A pledge we repeat,
a promise of peace,
an empty one too.
For are we not the country,
with the most nukes?
The world is melting,
falling into disarray,
a thought shunned by the ones,
who think we lived with dinosaurs, yesterday.
I can just see,
in 2023
a child on the street,
with nothing on his feet.
A mother struggling,
under a gray – yellow sky.
And the last bird,
is beginning to die.
Is this truly,
what you wish us to see?
Is this truly,
your American Dream?
I ask you this question,
and I will again.
Is this truly
your American Dream?

- Maya Tate

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