Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Elsa's review of Wonder Woman

4.7 stars Wonder Woman was a great movie

The new movie Wonder Woman took viewers to her backstory: childhood with the Amazons, her maturing as a warrior superheroine during WWI and into “modern” times after Justice League ended. It was a wonderful movie in almost every way. Not just the actors and great action but also the music. The work of Tina Guo and her electric cello really set the pace. This was the first female lead of DC super- heroes and it was made so well.
Director Patty Jenkins did her part well. She actually had to argue with the other directors to even have the No Man’s Land scene part of the movie! Personally I think it would have been a mistake to not include it.
Thing is though, everything, even Gal Gadot’s acting has a negative side. Gadot did not portray much emotion in many scenes. In the last bit back in “modern” time the script has her lecture viewers about the power of love. That part is really cheesy.

Would I want to see it again? Why or why not?

I would love to see the Wonder Woman movie again even with the negative bits. That is because it is not a kind of movie where “All right, I know what’s gonna happen and the movie is lame anyway”. Wonder Woman is the kind of movie that gets the “OMG that was a great movie! Even though I’ve watched it already it is so worth watching again and again!” reaction. Wonder Woman is a movie that catches your eye. It’s the kind of movie that has epic camera perspective, great actors who play their part well, and a plot line and lead that is just different in almost every way from most male-led movies.

Final Opinion

Overall it is a wonderful movie even with its downfalls. 

-- Elsa Tate

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