Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WhatDoesThis MakeWarudkar?

If you have anything political to say that is more than 5 lines in length or likely to invite/incite responses, I think it is a good idea to write it on some blog of yours, and to the discussion group, mail only a link to your blog.

Discmailer: If you are not a member of the Hostel 8 B wing 1985 (IIT-B) yahoo group, this is probably irrelevant to you.

GAWAS 10 (However, since having to pay $4.89/gal. of gas is enough to make AW go completely ballistic, I just have to admit that my calibration is off. Perhaps we can work on a new scale: GetAshishWarudkarBallisticScale.)


This post is NOT to criticize your politics. Since I do not like you, I can't give you any gaalis. However, based on the following, people can make up their minds as to what you are. (The images are screen captures from the YahooGroup. Click on the image for better resolution.)

Those of you who have looked at the post know that, at least at the beginning, I was careful to keep politics out of it, all the post has are photos of food and people eating it. AW's response is longer than my original post.

A little later:

Since AW doesn't want to see my "lefty" politics, he wants to regulate this space and keep me from posting links to my blog. Hower, like most anti-regulationists, what he really believes are that regulations only apply to others, not to those -like him- who are the "chosen ones". Witness the following, which is only about 1/8th of the full-length article that AW chose to cut-and-paste into his mail message. (I can hear you shouting, AW!)

Is AW now against Copyright protection as "too much regulation stifling innovation"? Next will AW launch a anti-regulatory tirade against the Patent office? Inquiring minds all are all agog!

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