Sunday, January 22, 2012

GAWAS, calibrated

--- In, "Tate" wrote:
> Gawas scale 9 = Vatanya 1
--- someone else, who's not been paying attention, wrote:
> what the heck is GAWAS?

Get Ashish Warudkar Apoplectic Scale (evidence based calibration):
-2: Tate's erotica posts
-1: Agru's library
0: Words of wisdom from Balasaheb during his "Hitler of India" phase
1: Balasaheb when he refused to belif in Gott in Himmel when his wife failed to be resurrected from the dead. I hadn't realised until then that a Hindu woman could be the Christian Messiah, but you know, I'm just an ignorant atheist.
2: Personal revelations by Baccia.
3: References to Bong's astoutness, even in IIT.
4: Any insinuation that IITians are anything less than minor gods, or acknowledgment that some recently self-proclaimed paragon of moral virtues may have faked his resume, and his orgasms.
5: Damle's "coming out" -- of the atheist closet.
6: Political posts by anybody but Tate, or AW himself (whose posts are variations on: "Ayn, you make me Randy, oooh yer so hott, and those stories of your menage a trois, ay haiy AR, mera dil churalia!". Did I mention the woman in the Vegas bar who showed me, very demonstratively, how she masturbated to Ayn Rand? While youse guys were watching Cirque? No? It was so emotionally moving, I didn't wash my left forearm for a whole week after that, had to leave the hair plastered stickily to the skin! Sorry, Honorable Moderator, Group Owner and Watchdog of People's Secrets has forbidden me from revealing anything personal from Vegas. And the right arm? Different woman, same bar, different story.)
6.5: This calibration of the GAWAS
7: Responses to AW by anybody but Tate
8: Political posts by Tate
9: Political posts by Tate with inappropriate language
9.5: Political posts by Tate with video of dancing wimmin, NOT nekkid 
10: The following scenarios, much to the lasting disappointment of yours truly, haven't been realised yet: Political posts by Tate with video of nekkid dancing wimmin.
10.5: Political posts by Tate with sex and nekkid dancing wimmin.
11: Tate, sex and nekkid dancing wimmin (plural) all simultaneously.

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