Friday, January 6, 2012

Cosmic Sling

One way of showing respect for someone is to learn from them and adopt something they use or do, perhaps even propagate it. In that spirit, "Happy Birthday Cosmic!"

Take a standard length (about 3.5') of 1" tubular webbing, and tie an overhand or waterknot in the middle:

Insert one end of the webbing into the other ...

... about 10 - 12".

Pass the knot to the center of the inserted part and tighten (full weight, as for any tied sling!):

And VOILA! The COSMIC sling:

As Torontula Tami pointed out, this sling can also serve as a post-modern 'screamer', specially if you use really really strong cellotape or strips of "Hello Kitty" duct tape.

An added little bonus, here is a picture of the (quite useless) Klein sling, which has no inside and no outside:

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