Sunday, January 22, 2012


Occupy is dead! or so MSM would have us believe. and I'll confess that I was ...
concerned: I had heard nothing from my kitchen contact since about Dec 15th.
and relieved! : I wouldn't have to cook for 60 people once a week any more, I'd given it a lot, and it wasn't self-sustaining, and "american apathy", and "if people don't want to help themselves" (and I don't mean it in the sense that Goldman Sachs helped itself to the US Treasury), my friends wouldn't have to put up with these posts any more.

But on Jan 20th, for the Day of Mass Action (occupying the banks and occupying the courts in protest of "citizen's united"), there was a large crowd, far larger than anything I had seen since the SF cops had bulldozed the camp, and it was much more racially and ethnically diverse.
There was another Indian man and an Indian woman there! Seriously, there was a very large Hispanic presence there today, a group of kids, more than a few Indians, some Native Americans, (but not a whole lot of Asians, I must say) in addition to the whites and blacks.

It felt good to be surrounded by mostly like-minded people, participating in mass action on the streets.

Photos of placards on display during the rallies:

San Francisco has the second most expensive rental housing in the US. Where's our bailout?

Causa justa! La union hace la fuerza!
Just Cause: Unity is Power!

People's food Bank of America

Hella Occupy San Francisco: Banks and Greed, No War,                                                                                              We are the 99%,                                                                                                                      Economic Justice, Stop Police brutality

Wall Street! Bleeding the 99% - Take Action! Corporations aren't people!

Capitalism is a pyramid $cheme

Banks, stop! Leave our neighbours in their homes. No foreclosures and evictions for profit.

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