Friday, December 21, 2012

Why I am sad it is not a re-collapsing universe

Why I am soooooo sorry that we are apparently (meaning according to the latest astronomical data and relativistic cosmologies) no longer in a closed (re-collapsing) universe. According to the latest, the expansion of the universe is decelerating, but at an ever lower deceleration which will cumulatively not be enough to turn the expansion around. 

How terribly sad! Suppose that there were to have been enough mass density in the universe to cause the universe to stop expanding and then to contract. Then there are theorems in GR which state that within a finite time everything will recollapse to a final singularity. 

Now, listen closely: We would then already be INSIDE the event horizon of the final singularity. Yes, you, me, the earth the sun the solar system the galaxy the local cluster the supercluster etc. You don't notice anything different do you? No "the earth shook" nor nothing, nada? 

Being inside the event horizon of a sufficiently large, isolated Black Hole would feel exactly the same.

"But if I was inside the event horizon of a Black Hole wouldn't I be able to see the Black Hole I was falling towards!?"

Nope! A Black Hole, like any final singularity, is like next Monday. You can't see "next Monday" can you?


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