Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blood and shit day

"How was my birthday last week?", you ask?

Well it was a blood and shit day. Maya was off from school so Elsa, Maya and I had lunch together in the kitchen. Maya finished and asked whether she could cut herself an apple which she has been doing with the slicer. I said "Sure!", and jokingly, " Don't cut any fingers!". A couple of minutes later, w/o a word, she ran upstairs and I started up curiously. It was only once she got up that she started howling, probably from seeing the blood. I rinsed her hand once, elevated it and tried to stanch the flow - which only coagulated when I used 4C powder. In the midst of all this Elsa had been headbutting us trying to see what happened to her didi and "Waz dat?".

While I was bandaging Maya in the bathroom, Elsa said she had to pee. I told her she knew what to do, so she took off her pants and diaper, sat on the potty and peed. I cleaned her off and turned back to Maya, who I now discovered had cut two fingers; there was so much blood I saw the second cut only in the midst of cleaning up.

Meanwhile Elsa ran off to play in the blue room. A few minutes later, she came back and said very urgently and worriedly, "Daddy, tengo pupu." . Since her diaper was off anyway, "luckily" I thought, I just sat her on the potty. Then she immediately said "Done, done!".
"What do you mean "Done, Done!"?" "Como que "done, done"?"
" I've finished!" "Ya he acabado!"
"But where?" "pero, donde?!!??"
"In the blue room!" "en el blue room."
Of course.

So anyway, how was your day?

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