Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Police Have Turned Bandits

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See my post about OccupySF's MayDay March, from which the above photos have been taken.


Ranjeet said...

Not all of them!

Ranjeet said...

From Occupy Canada:

From Occupy Frankfurt. May 19, 2012.
The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protest clearing the way for them.

Thought you may like to have this image as well...

The police coming over to serve and protect the people... Blockupy Frankfurt. Police are escorting, not participating. Reports of an estimated 20,000+ protesters. Nice to see their faces.... and their humanity coming through...

WATCH THIS VIDEO: #blockupy. Frankfurt

German police officers escort an anti-capitalism protest march with some 20,000 people in Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, May 19, 2012. Protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe's biggest financial hub in their protest against the dominance of banks and what they perceive to be untamed capitalism, Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis said. The protest group calling itself Blockupy has called for blocking the access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt's business district. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Photo/news source:

Associated Press Photo verified:

(Photographer AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Wall Street journal Verified

Washington Post verified

Ranjeet said...

What a beautiful counterpoint to my post!:
BREAKING NEWS: Police in Frankfurt, Germany take off their badges & helmets to join protesters on an anti-capitalist march and defend them against military ordered to use force to disperse the demonstration.

The guards are turning sides.
The revolution is drawing near.
The people are coming.

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