Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salsa Al Raul

"Bright" Salsa Colorada Asada

Roasted red salsa, very bright, recipe from Raul.
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Here's the simplest yet tastiest salsa you can get. The key is to avoid any sweet items (tomatillos) or sweet chili peppers like anaheims.

Jalapenos and/or serranos -- tons
Red tomatoes -- 8-12
2-4 limes
Salt and pepper

Turn on the grill and get it to 350-400

Grill the peppers and tomatoes. Grill the peppers until the membrane on the outside is blackened.

Grill the tomatoes a bit longer (not quite cooking them but somewhat ala parboiling) but make sure the skin is blackened as well.

At very end (with 1-2 minutes left on the tomatoes), cut the limes in half and put them pulp-side down on the grill.

Put everything in a big bowl and then with a clean kitchen towel or even paper towels just wipe the blackened parts off -- the easy thing here is that you just want to get a good portion off so leaving a bit is okay and makes this part very quick.

Put one tomato in and blend quickly; put the peppers in and blend until smooth(ish).

Squeeze grilled lime halves into blender.

Then for chunky style, put the rest in and hit the button 2-5 times; for smooth style, turn blender on for 15-20 seconds.

(Later, from Raul.)
I just made the first half of the tomatillo one and it’s HOT HOT HOT!
So, for Gringos you might try do 2 serranos, then 3 and so on until you think it’s just right.

The way I saw it made by my dad’s best friend: 2 tomatillos, one small white onion, tablespoon of oregano and THE REST serranos. Totally a “quien es mas macho” style but I’ve been the US of A for too long!End Quote *********************************

For the kiddie version I replaced the serranos with red bells. Based on that little experiment, even for the "cojones" version,  would add a few roasted bell peppers for a really bright color to counteract the green of the serranos, for flavor and body.

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