Friday, March 9, 2012


On Jan 24th I took excess food from OccupySF, my own and other leftovers. We'd decided that I would take it to OccupyOakland's MoveInDay rally and occupation planned for the weekend of Jan 28th and 29th. I had a previous engagement for Saturday January 28th, to suck on some cracks. (I use protection in cracks, specially when they are slick, and even if they are warm, as were the ones I encountered, deep in the bottom of a gorge. No accidents, but I did come out heavily bruised and scraped.)

Before leaving for the trip I had to make arrangements to get the food delivered to OccupyHungerOakland. I took the food with me to Zeth's place on Friday night, stored it in his fridge and handed it over to Melanie. The arrangement was that Melanie would contact Marie, who'd been delegated by Leila of OccupyHungerOakland, and the two of them would work out how and where to heat the food and transfer it to wherever it was required.

As you know, OccupyOakland's MoveInDay turned disastrously violent, which is so anti-American that I feel like bombing Iran just for the heck of it. More on this later. On Saturday night we heard from Melanie the bad news, and that she had not been contacted. She thought our contacts were probably hospitalised themselves, in prison, or taking care of all the wounded and tear-gassed, smoke-bombed people.

On Sunday morning though, Marie and Melanie did get together and heat up all the food and took it out to Oscar Grant Plaza. It was a good thing I had delivered the food, and that it was such huge quantities because that was the only food there for lunch!

A young male Occupier who'd not been arrested by the cops? What is he? Gay? Or an FBI informant?

Leila (serving) and Marie (behind the water jug) on the day after the Oakland Police terrorised the populace and lost control of themselves. Send OPF to where they are needed - to take on the Israeli Defense Forces and protect the Palestinians.

Scenes of the people at the kitchen.

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