Friday, March 9, 2012


On our way out from the Shorts3 collection, we saw 3 artists in the act. Both Maya and Elsa wanted to stay and watch, so we went in to see them.
Corey about to board the metro to school.

Sara's painting dedicated to International Working Women's Day - March 8, 2012.

"You accusing me of copying? I never even been to no fifteen or sixteen chapel!"

Joe talking about his work, right before I started to talk about his work!

Beneath those funky triangle symbols, there are 4 horizontal lines and Maxwell's silver hammer!

No! No! No! Gravity isn't a force!


Joe and myself, after we shared equations.

Joe had
F  = m a
Newton's law of gravitation
Maxwell's silver equations
Black Hole entropy
Informational entropy

I suggested the following:
G_ab = 8 Pi G T_ab (The Einstein equation)
[x,p] = i hbar I (The fundamental fact about Quantum Mechanics.)
The commutator between a simple loop and a trefoil knot with a "hand", representing Loop Quantum Gravity
and Maxwell's equations
d F = 0 (the EM 4-tensor is divergence free)
d *F = *j (the curl of its dual is the dual of the 4-current co-vector).

9 March update: Joe put in all those suggestions!
Ashtekar variables, and you can just about discern a loop commutator.

The Einstein Equation (Gravitation, or the E=mc^2 of General Relativity)

Joe also added my name next to Newton's Equation for Gravitation, I'll post that as soon as Rajesh Aji sends me a copy.

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