Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today after brunch the girls went out to play in the rain. Sometime later Elsa came to me with the following song: Elsa has written both their names at the top, but Maya did not claim co-authorship. The beginning scribble is a heart that she added after she'd written the song and didn't have space for. The 'v's in the 5th and 6th lines are short for 'very', and in those lines she has drawn pictures for 'stormy' (the spiral) and 'cloudy'.

Maya and Elsa
(Heart) Sany and some
rane. hawosis
ale overe
flowers too
hcerei blosum
olsoe it is
       v (spiral) too
olsoe v (cloud) There
are Trees! (Heart)

Maya and Elsa
Sunny and some rain.
Houses all over.
Flowers too.
Cherry blossoms too.
Also it is very stormy too,
also very cloudy.
There are trees!

As one can see Elsa has the same singing abilities as I do.

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