Monday, March 19, 2012


That is what the sign says, on a lamp-post near the OccupyOakland GA location at the "Remember them" memorial park, "Uptown Oakland Food District"
So, we have 1) a pot full of green salad,
2) spicy kale, tomatoes and potatoes, 3) roasted potatoes Indian style (Cut, soak, rinse, dry. Coat with lemon juice, oil, dry onion, turmeric, chilli, garam masala, salt and bake with 1/2 cup of water at 350 till done, mixing often, 4) Missing Saiya samosas,
Big Ed, purveyor of fine food, he is there without fail at every GA and for numerous events during the week. Let's see what he cooked.
5) A traditional Spanish dish called "moros e Indios". If it is made with white rice (traditionally) instead of the brown rice, it doesn't have the same meaty texture, and is called "Moros y Christianos". Delicious!
6) Corned beef and cabbage. As they say in Cuba, "And where is the corned beef?"
7) Chef salad,
ans 8) Maudlin Mandarin Marmalade!

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