Friday, December 16, 2011


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I got drawn into the Occupy movement by a cross-country roadtrip. I was fortunate to see about 25 camps around the northern edge of the country, including Zucotti Park and the rally on Times Square on October 15th.
Issues: Housing, food, homeless people's rights being ignored. Immigration is a big one, people should be allowed to come into this country and do the work to get legal to work. Education: College is getting more and more expensive, when people get out of college they don't have a job to even get to pay back the loans.
Congress is being purchased by corporations, that's unacceptable, as an American I don't think my vote counts any more because I don't have any money. They just buy votes, auction off Presidents.
Occupy movement has the potential to bring create real change, I think it is going to take a lot of work, focusing. I love them very much and feel a part of the movement and I think we can pick a candidate for 2012.
Food banks should be bailed out from taxes going to the Government. Give food to everyone asking for it. Food is such and easy thing to produce and give away to people that need it. Everyone needs food and some people don't have it. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on putting movies together, they can't spare like a hundred bucks for a local food bank so they can buy bread for people? Money hoarding is the destruction of humanity.
People should be able to care about other people's children. Poor people have kids they can't feed, can't afford even clean water and milk for their babies and that's unacceptable. If a mom drinks dirty water it will pass to the baby through breast milk, the baby gets sick and lives an unhealthy life because of poverty. Poverty is destroying lives and that is not OK!

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