Thursday, December 8, 2011


Bottom line at the top!

Not including various assorted expenditures (gas for car, gas for cooking):
so far $85, but this includes supplies for at least 3 more meals. So feeding 250 meals for $85, not a bad return (the smiles) on investment . One reason I became committed to feeding Occupy is that they feed everybody who shows up, and that includes a lot of the local homeless.

Update on Feb 13th 2012:  Total expenses so far
Food: $85 (Not including the vegetables from my own garden)
Gas: $15 per trip X 6 = $90 (This includes the trip I'll make tomorrow Tuesday Jan 23rd.)
Utensils/plates $20 per meal X 5 meals = $100
Jan 27th (MoveIn day) $30 food + $15 gas = $45 (200 meals - 8 large aluminium trays)
Feb 4th $20 food + $15 gas = $35 (100 full meals)
Feb 12th $30 food + $15 gas = $45 (70 full meals)
Feb 19th $30 food and $15 gas = $45 (70 meals)
March 4th $30 food and $15 gas = $45 (70 meals)

Cost per meal: ~ ($85 food + $ 90 gas + $100 plates etc)/ ~300 =less than a buck!

Total donations:
Dec 2011 MM1 $10
Dec 2011 M2 Life Coach $10
Jan 20th M2 Life Coach $25
Jan 20th Nikunj Jhaveri $50
Feb 4th cash: $2
Feb 4th Rajesh Aji: $20
Feb 12th cash donations at GA: $45 (When I left $52 had been collected in a donations jar, with amounts ranging from 25c to $20. With Leila's permission, I took $45 towards gas money, which is an unrecompensable expense from OccupyHungerOakland's budget.)
Feb 12th: 50 lb.s of lemons and oranges gleaned with Nick's help from a neighbours garden. The oranges were the only fresh fruit available on Feb 12th and were quickly devoured (as were my Vangibhath and Puliyogare) and the fabulous lemons (I was eating the peels raw!) were distributed to the cooks to make either lemon tea or jellies/jams.
Feb 12th: I collected 20 lbs of produce to cook for the next time.
Feb 19th: No cash donations: forgot to place cup. 30 lbs of produce to cook up.
March 4th: Krishanu Bannerjee: $50
March 4th: Cash donations $17 towards gas (We collected $33, another cook and I split the money for gas.)
March 4th: 40 lbs of produce: flowering broccoli, mustard greens, arbi, potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli.

I will be very happy to receive small donations (~$10, feeds 15 people) to cover my costs. If you do donate, it will, it already has, fed people who are either homeless or are standing up for you.

No accountability: most of you know me and can take my word.

I'll buy a private jet and three cups of tea with all the excess cash, seems like the thing to do lately.






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